Publications Citations GS/WoS
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Popular Scientific Articles
2016. Konflikt starter i utilgjengelege område. Samfunnsvitenskapelig Fakultet, UiO.
2015. Tolker krig og mødrehelse med afrikanske kartdata. Apollon. 3/2015, 38-39.
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Selected Working Papers
Experienced Poverty and Local Conflict Violence. Revise and resubmit in Conflict Management and Peace Science (Single Authored)
Every Cloud has a Silver Lining: The Severity of Armed Conflict Recurrence. In review at International Interactions (Single Authored)
Armed conflict and maternal health care Micro-level evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa, with Gudrun Østby, Henrik Urdal, Andreas Forø Tollefsen, Andreas Kotsadam, Ragnhild Belbo and Christin Ormhaug. In review at Demography
Spatial Aspects of Governance, with John Gerring and Tore Wig
Explaining Patterns of Civilian Victimization in Syria, with Stian Kjeksrud and Alexander Beadle
Poverty, inequality and the localization of development aid: A disaggregated study of Sub-Saharan Africa, with Andreas Kotsadam, Gudrun Østby, Siri Aas Rustad & Henrik Urdal.
The Institutional Legacies of Local Conflict Violence: Perception-based Evidence from the Afrobarometer Surveys, with Tore Wig
Disaster and Dissent, with Ole Magnus Theisen

Teaching Experience and Courses Taught
2015 – Spring 2016, Developed and taught master course SGO4940, Geographical Information Systems. University of Oslo.
2013 – Spring 2016, Lecturer, SGO1001 – Introduction to Human Geography & SGO2400 – Political Geography. University of Oslo.
2013 – 2014, Developed a new master course in Geographical Information Systems (SGO4940). University of Oslo.
2014, PostGIS and SQL course, PRIO, Oslo.
2013, Introduction to R, University of Oslo.
2013, GIS and Spatial Analysis, Statistics Norway, Oslo
2012 – 2013, Course responsible, SGO1910, Geographic Information Systems, University of Oslo.
2012, GIS for peace and conflict researchers (Peace Research Institute Oslo, Researcher School)
2012, PostGIS and SQL course, ETH – Zurich
2008, Teaching Assistant, GEOG1511, “Tall, kart og bilder”, NTNU

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