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Local Institutions and Conflict Violence

Together with Tore Wig, I have a recent publication in Political Geography, where we show that the quality of local institutions is important in reducing the risk of local conflict violence.

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PRIO-GRID 2.0 Launches at

The latest version of the PRIO-GRID is now available at , featuring several new dimensions and types of data, making it one of the best standardized platforms for visualization and analysis of conflict data.          

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New grid dataset for conflict research (and others?)

I have recently published a new spatial dataset, the PRIO-GRID. Primarily the dataset is targeting researchers working with armed conflict. However, the data are also useful for other types of research involving spatial data. The PRIO-Grid data set is a … Continue reading

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PostGIS How-to: NetCDF to PostGIS

Disclaimer: I am not sure if this is the quickest way of importing NetCDF files to PostGIS, but it works, and for me that is the most important. If you have any other suggestions for improvements, please post them in … Continue reading

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PostGIS How to: Calculate the average raster pixel value inside a polygon

In my daily work I use both vector and raster data and the combination of both. Often, I want to include raster data into our common vector grid. Hence, I often want averaged raster pixel values inside each of the … Continue reading

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PostGIS raster values become integer when Polygonizing

Lately I have been trying to find out why my raster decimal values are truncated to integer when polygonizing. After some research I found out that this is a known bug (, and the problem lies in the GDALPolygonize function. … Continue reading

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PostGIS Back-up and restore

Ever wondered on what is the most appropriate way of backing up and restoring your precious PostGIS database? Or have you experienced errors when restoring your old database backup file? The solution is, put simple: Do not store your data … Continue reading

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Bounding Containers

I had to make some minimum bounding circles from a set of points in ArcGIS. After some searching i came across a very useful script by Dan Patterson. Actually it comes as a set of scripts in a toolbox. Ready … Continue reading

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Natural Earth – Free Raster and Vector Data

Somewhat unfamiliar to me is the Natural Earth project, providing free raster and vector data of administrative borders, disputed areas, populated places, urban polygons and water boundaries in addition to much more. Great for updated maps. For historical shapefiles. Check … Continue reading

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Population Estimate Service

Many within the GIS community working on global data are familiar with the Gridded Population of the World (GPW). This global gridded population estimate has now been more available through a web-service. This lets the user zoom around to investigate … Continue reading

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